Why Pre and Post-Natal Women should exercise

It is well known that exercising and eating healthily during pregnancy has profound benefits both tangible and hidden for both the mother and baby.

10 good reasons to exercise for Pre and Post-Natal Women

  1. Exercises such as Pelvic Tilts can offer relief from back pain experienced during pregnancy.
  2. Lowered risk of gestational diabetes.
  3. Ladies who exercise throughout pregnancy and also resume exercise post birth (once ready) report better moods than their sedentary peers.
  4. Increased energy and vitality.
  5. Less likely to need intervention during delivery such as forceps and c-section and labour may be less drawn out.
  6. Exercising and activating the core muscles (especially the Pelvic floor muscles) can help with delivery and are crucial to avoid stress incontinence post birth. 
  7. A structured exercise session can provide a little fun 'me time' for the post-natal mother that can help alleviate stress and fatigue. Happy mother = happy baby!
  8. Exercise can be a wonderful sleep aid helping those to sleep more soundly.
  9. Targeted exercises can help with abdominal recovery and those recovering from a c-section.
  10.  Post-Natal exercise can help speed recovery from delivery, improves muscle tone, aids relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety and may help to initiate fat burning too!

There are so many reasons to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and that applies to all however, those that are Pre or Post-Natal can really reap the benefits and experience significant beneficial changes.   

If you would like to start Pre or Post-Natal exercise and would like to see a qualified Pre and Post-Natal Instructor who is also a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, please see our homepage or contact us for more details. Many thanks Red Hot Personal Training. 

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