Have we all been fed a 'big fat lie'?

Red Hot Personal Training

Lyndsey Slaughter


Red Hot Personal Training receives many questions regarding diet and weight loss and the confusion over whether foods labelled as 'LOW FAT' are a good choice or not. 

Processed foods and especially those stating 'LOW FAT' on the label or products that are targeted at weight loss MAY DO JUST THE OPPOSITE FOR YOU.

But I thought low fat was good, I hear you say?  A diet high in nasty trans fats (partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) found in many foods such as donuts and biscuits is never a good thing and has been linked to heart disease among others. However, a diet high in healthy natural fats especially those with a high omega-3 content is just what your body is crying out for.  Your brain especially craves fat and is actually made up of around 60 percent fat!

To remove fat from a food usually results in a loss of taste and the manufacturers get round this by adding in loads of sugar, refined salt and additives. Ladies, please ask yourself a question, are these added ingredients actually going to nourish me and help me loose/maintain weight and give me lasting energy?  The answer is NO. They will rob you of energy and encourage fat storage in the long term.

Healthy fats can among many other things help your skin glow, hair shine, and lubricate the joints.

Where can I find these healthy fats? Be sure to read next weeks blog to find out how you can easily add in healthy fats to your daily diet and reap the benefits.