Time for Tea!

A perfect little cup of green goodness.  Green Tea has been prized for centuries throughout China and Japan and it is now becoming a popular drink here in the UK too.  So what is all the fuss about?

Certain compounds in the green leaves such as Catechins, EGCG and Thiamine to name a few are known for their wonderful health boosting benefits.  Check out these top reasons below as to why you should include a few cups into your daily fluid consumption.

  1. Helps fight Inflammation
  2. Boosts fat loss
  3. Helps relieve stress and boost immunity
  4. Reduces muscle soreness and recovery post exercise
  5. Boosts exercise endurance

Feel like giving it a try?  For best results select a good quality Matcha Green Tea (ideally organic) that is made in Japan and not China as some green tea from China contains high amounts of lead.