Is this the missing ingredient to improving your wellbeing?

Research suggests that losing even 30 minutes of sleep per night may promote weight gain, and adversely affect blood sugar levels, creating long-term consequences for your weight metabolism.  

 A better nights sleep will help your body to build up the energy to keep you supercharged the following day with a notable reduction in any anxiety, depression levels and help us feel more alert the next day. Good quality shut-eye also helps with that all important muscle repair too.

Try these top tips below for a better nights sleep tonight (One food may surprise you!!)

1. Avoid these before bed as they contain the stimulating amino acid Tyramine that will keep you awake. Processed/smoked meat, Milk chocolate, and Aged cheeses such as parmesan.

2. Eat/drink these foods before bedtime which contain tryptophan magnesium or serotonin that will relax the body and mind. Turkey, Cherries, Chamomile or Lemon Balm tea, Dark chocolate  (yes, we did say chocolate but it must be the dark variety!) 

3. Avoid blue light from mobile phones, tablets etc too close to bedtime as this stimulates the brain with artificial light and interferes with sleep inducing melatonin.  (Please see blog below dated June 19th for more info on this).

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