Are you getting the most from your workouts?

At Red Hot Personal Training, we think it really comes down including a balance of high intensity and moderate exercise into your week. 

Incorporating high intensity (HIIT) style training 2-3 times into your weekly activity sessions can produce AMAZING results.  HIIT training incorporates short periods of maximum effort (such as 45 seconds of skipping) followed by short periods of rest (i.e, 30 seconds) and is excellent for fat loss and increasing fitness fast. However, take note that more than 3 sessions could be counter productive, not allowing enough time for your muscles to repair between sessions and even leading to overtraining. 

Incorporating moderate intensity activities such as brisk walking for an hour, a gentle run outside for 30 minutes etc should be encouraged for the days that you don't perform HIIT sessions. The message we really want to share is to keep your body moving, include a variety of physical activities in your week and try to include a few intense sessions to really see results.

Want to try a HIIT session?  Just get in touch with Red Hot Personal Training and book a session, you will love the results.