could you skip this one?

Do you remember effortlessly skipping as a child? How about giving it a go again? What a great way to raise that heart rate up, help with fat loss and help tone that mid section while you are there! Skipping is great as part of a warm up or used as a whole body workout in itself. An inexpensive tool to purchase that is easily portable too!

Try this quick skipping workout below that you could even squeeze in before breakfast!

1. Keeping your elbows by your sides and using your wrists to propel the rope (try not to use your shoulders) do 20 simple skips with feet together and 2 little jumps in between each swing.

2. Take a 30 second (active) break by gently marching on the spot.

3. Next do as step number 1 but do not include the 2 little jumps in between each swing.  Count 20 skips.

4. Repeat these steps 2 more times and there you have a great mini workout!

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